Irtzl Károly Pszichológus

Psychologist in Budapest


  • Individual Psychotherapy, Counselling

I have been working as a psychologist since 1992, and been running a private praxis since 1997. I treat adults presently in person in Budapest at BAH csomópont, online on Skype, and use psychoanalytic and cognitive therapeutic techniques in  English and Hungarian.
I specialize in depression, panic attacks, manifestations of anxiety, relationship and sexual problems, but of course I also look forward to seeing those who need help from a psychologist for other  problems, or want to increase their self-knowledge.

  • Professional Methods:

Analytic psychotherapy, short focus therapy, life-coaching, psychological and parental counselling.


Psychotherapy with a psychologist is a very special form of relationship, so the following information may help you decide whether or not to choose this form of therapy:
The background of a mental condition reveals itself only gradually so in the beginning, the sessions are primarily aimed at gathering information.

Consultations are by appointment only, and during the 45-minute sessions patients discuss their problems and expectations toward the psychologist and the psychological treatment. By the end of the 4th session we can agree in the therapeutic goals, clarify possibilities, make a verbal contract, and commence the therapeutic stage.
The length of the therapy depends on the complexity of problems, and the needs of patients.

analytic psychotherapy

The major point of the psychoanalytic attitude is that to make a treatment more effective and thorough for the long run as well we do not “only” intend to fight the surfacing symptoms, but we aim to understand and cope with the conflicts of underlying emotional drives as well.

Containing feelings that seem dreadful makes it possible to manage them. Appreciation of the inner world strengthens and stabilises self-recognition and increases the capacity of taking burdens to mind. Knowing the whys and wherefores of actions grants stability and security as one will not be so helplessly overwhelmed. With a better understanding of the inner reasons, one will take decisions more easily. Problems as such will not cease to exist, no therapy can or is expected to attain such an aim, but the way of experiencing and solving problems can really change. In this very special relationship there is no straight advising. The patient takes his/her own decisions. The role of the psychologist is to guide you in the process of acquainting your self, help you think differently to find new perspectives and solutions to your problems.
The aim of psychotherapy is to establish a firm base of self-awareness to make one understand his/her subconscious mental processes and their causes, as well as clarify feelings and realise the way of participation in inducing certain situations.
These recognitions and considerations might set a whole series of changes going, which can affect the patient’s whole life.

psychological counselling

If you need immediate advice on a specific question Analytic Psychotherapy, which involves a therapeutic process, is not applicable, however I am also available for consultation and counselling. Discussing a difficult situation of life with the help of a counselling psychologist can help in clarifying goals and hindrances, evaluating advantages and disadvantages. There are cases when one or a couple of consultations can result in a more comprehensive understanding of the problem. Receiving support and being able to look at it from a slightly different perspective sometimes makes it possible to surmount difficulties.


Clinical psychologist


I have been working as a qualified psychologist since 1992, and been a private practitioner since 1997.
I am a Graduate Member of Hungarian Psychological Society in the Section of Clinical Psychology.

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